About the Horses

I will introduce you to the horses, affectionately known as the Diva and the Hooligan.

Tobi, registered as Holden Riverdance, is a 16hh Irish Sports Horse gelding who was born on the 13th April 2004.  Tobi is a fairly complex chap, with a sad history, who I bought in 2011 with the hope of eventing.  Fast forward five years later and he has had more injuries requiring veterinary attention than my brain can actually cope with thinking about, is allergic to grass, has advanced navicular in both front feet, badly tore a DDFT a few years ago and has deep rooted psychological problems that would have your average shrink running for the hills.  However, he is an extremely talented, albeit quirky, chap and I’m absolutely positive that there’s a decent dressage horse in there…

Tobi is known by a multitude of nicknames, most notably the ‘hooligan’, ‘lunatic’ or ‘MHM’ (Mr High Maintenance). 

Schooling the Hooligan
On the ‘plunge’

Florence is a 2009 coloured cob cross mare who came to me as a 6 year old with relatively little schooling.  Initially brought as a project/hack after Tobi damaged his DDFT, Florence showed so much promise that I started to tentatively produce her for a dressage career, unsure as to how judges would react to a hairy thing between the boards.  After some pleasing placings and some exciting comments, I have decided to pursue her dressage career and now have plans to affiliate her either this year or next.

Florence is known at home as the ‘Diva’. She considers herself to be the most important thing on the planet and is in total belief that the world revolves around her and her only. She is the friendliest, funniest and most charming little mare you could ever wish to meet and she has me firmly wrapped around her hoof!

When she isn’t out dressaging, she enjoys hacking around the land and jumping solid fences out on farm rides.

A successful outing
Farm ride fun